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When your rights are in jeopardy, you need a skilled attorney to help you protect them. At The Law Offices of John R. Heath, Jr., I've been helping clients combat their criminal charges since 2000. Tell me if you've been accused of a felony or misdemeanor in Nacogdoches County. Your future is too important to leave to chance. Schedule a free consultation with me to learn how I can advocate for the justice you deserve.

From my office in Nacogdoches, I am proud to represent clients throughout the area, including those located in Angelina, Shelby, Cherokee, and Panola counties. Reach out to me today if you've been charged with a crime in Lufkin, Center, Rusk, or Carthage, Texas. I'm ready to help you create a strong and strategic defense.

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John R. Heath, Jr.

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My career was inspired by my father, a fellow criminal defense attorney. He taught me the importance of fighting for freedom and challenging the government when it oversteps. I chose to follow in his footsteps and have spent the last 20 years defending the rights of my fellow Texans. If you've been charged with a DWI or another crime, turn to me for dedicated and aggressive representation.
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Defending a Variety of Charges

Burglary & Theft

Property crimes like burglary and theft can carry major consequences. When the odds feel stacked against you, call my office in Nacogdoches for strategic defense representation.


If you're currently navigating an assault charge, let's work together toward a solution that allows you to get your life back on track. I want to help you protect your reputation.

Juvenile Crime

As a parent, you'd do anything to protect your children. Sometimes, that means hiring an attorney. Get in touch with me if your child has been accused of a crime in East Texas.

Accused of
Marijuana Possession?

The State of Texas has strict laws in place regarding marijuana possession and other drug crimes. A conviction could result in hefty fines or even jail time. For advice on how to proceed, call me at The Law Offices of John R. Heath, Jr.

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After a criminal charge in Nacogdoches County, there are a lot of daunting decisions that need to be made. Don't make them alone. Talk to an attorney who can walk you through your options and advise you on a strategic path forward. At The Law Offices of John R. Heath, Jr., I'm ready to fight fiercely for the justice you deserve.

Whether you've been charged with a DWI, marijuana possession, or another criminal offense, I'll be by your side from start to finish. Give me a call today at my office in Nacogdoches, Texas, to set up a free consultation. I defend clients throughout the area, including residents of Lufkin, Center, Rusk, and Carthage, as well as their surrounding counties of Angelina, Shelby, Cherokee, and Panola.